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A constable's or police district. A small geographical unit of government. An election district created for convenient localization of polling places. A county or municipal subdivision for casting and counting votes in elections.

See: bailiwick, circuit, close, department, district, province, region, territory

PRECINCT. The district for which a high or petty constable is appointed, is in England, called a precinct. Willc. Office of Const. xii.
     2. In day time all persons are bound to recognize a constable acting within his own precincts; after night the constable is required to make himself known, and it is, indeed, proper he should do so at all times. Ibid. n. 265, p. 93.

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Lancaster Town administrator Ryan McNutt said that in 2011, when the town was told it would have to create another precinct in town it petitioned the state Legislature and received permission for the town to only have two precincts.
Robinson won only three of 91 precincts - one in the Alvadore area and two others west of Creswell.
Europe's first pedestrianised shopping precinct was born.
Bilingual election judges will also be stationed at voting sites in 21 precincts that appear to have a significant number of Chinese speakers, and a bilingual telephone hotline will help voters in other areas.
15,074-Affected registered voters in one clustered precinct in Lope de Vega, Northern Samar; one clustered precinct in Matuguinao, Western Samar; all 26 clustered precincts in Binidayan, Lanao del Sur province; six clustered precincts in Pata, Sulu province; 10 clustered precincts in Panglima Estino, Sulu province; and three clustered precincts in Tamparan, Lanao del Sur due to security reasons.
City Council affirmed a deal with Houston Healthcare that is hoped to remove another school voting precinct.
Keefe placed first in nine of the 11 precincts in the district.
It lost in 20 precincts and won in 14, the new data show.