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The first hemistich of the enjambment is a catchphrase of the Decadence that puns on the preciosity of the relic.
It is rather writing that shows an exacting literary awareness, even to the point of preciosity, if one takes into account De Man's argument that the literary is the interplay between a tendency toward an originary natural identification (a logic of substances) and an act of linguistic differentiation on the part of the sophisticated poetic mind (a logic of tropes).
The constant flutter and glimmer becomes monotonous; at the end it suggests preciosity or mere fussiness.
La societe francaise 289-305) Even for him, though, it goes almost without saying that preciosity is a crime.
Natalie Houston mentions 'a handful of sonnet sequences written by the Della Cruscans in the late 1780s and 1790s', (32) and Stuart Curran comments on the pre-Wordsworthian impasse of the late eighteenth-century sonnet: 'In a relatively short time the revitalized form had lost intellectual and poetic vigor, more and more prey to the decadence--in diction, preciosity of thought, and inanity of subject--that marked the contemporary school of rococo emotionality called Della-Cruscan' (p.
If Erich Auerbach in the twentieth century considers Don Quixote's conception of Dulcinea as embodying "Plato's idea of beauty, courtly love, the donna gentile of the dolce stil nuovo school, [Dante's] Beatrice, la gloriosa donna della mia mente" (108), then this is no accident, since Cervantes combines in it at least the first two precedents, and some others that Auerbach doesn't mention, including Petrarchist hyperbole, pastoral preciosity and tearfulness, the mad effusions of Calisto and his like, Roland's frenzied antics, the soulful introspection of Amadis.
Fully one third of the volume is taken up with a compilation of sixteenth-century French-language imitations of the Basia by members of the Pleiade, and by the poets of the later generation which saw the 'baiser' genre descend into preciosity and 'mignardise.
Herrera's novel, Hagase hizo, is an evident play on the sort of preciosity with which much of the avant-garde was fascinated: as well, for a contemporary reader the title has strong echoes of Barthes, in particular "The Struggle with the Angel" (Image 125), where Barthes creates a structural analysis of passages from the Book of Genesis.
Of these, rive essays are devoted to Pascal, three to the moralists in general, five to Fenelon, four to the Preciosity, and one each exclusively to Moliere, Corneille, and Racine.
a collector's preciosity is to ignore the crucial ways in which the
remains unclear--although given Van Vechten's notorious preciosity,