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Emphasising the point that the Prophet gave utmost importance to the preciousness of human life, he said: "The Prophet has said that human beings are more sacred in the eyes of Allah than the holy Kba and he has said that killing a human being amounts to a graver sin than demolishing the Kba.
What you will find is great technical expertise but no preciousness about it, and no navel-gazing introspection.
Geddes, an Australian-born photographer, clothing designer and businesswoman, is renowned for images that capture the beauty, purity, vulnerability and preciousness of children, embodying her belief that each and every child must be protected, nurtured and loved.
These dear annual occasions remind us of the bliss of freedom and the preciousness of our beloved country as well as renew our loyalty and love towards it as we all unite together with our leadership," Sheikh Thamer added.
This stylishly wrought item shuttles between fantasy and realism a la "Donnie Darko" in its exploration of its protag's problematic emotional life, although too much of the lead character's delicate, serf-regarding preciousness spills over into the film itself.
Xi said that China, having gone through many upheavals in modern times, is "deeply aware of the importance of development and the preciousness of peace.
Each premature death points out not only the preciousness of our time here, but also the preciousness of those around us.
Earlier in,M&M Store had started the 'Save Water - Save Life' Campaign to educate people on water preciousness and briefed on conserving water in our daily lives.
The extended range of scented candles and room sprays puts the preciousness of your downtime hours first.
He gave us all such courage and hope and reminded us of the preciousness of life.
They're just a pair of cooks who love food with none of the preciousness of St Jamie of Oliver or the seriousness of the guys who do MasterChef.
Imtiaz Inayat Elahi said he has recently visited the caves and realizing the preciousness of the site, he approved a plan for the conservation of the caves as well as the adjacent garden known as Saadhu ka Bagh.