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A near-global, 2-hourly data set of atmospheric precipitable water from ground-based GPS measurements.
W,2] which first needs estimation of column precipitable water at zenith direction, W, and, as a second step, calculation of transmittance of column water vapour for the entire slope column, m = 2.
Figure 5 illustrates the goodness of the fitting procedure (to reduce clutter, only those cases corresponding to a precipitable water of 1 cm, and an atmospheric pressure of 1013.
As mentioned in previously, the most critical atmospheric variables affecting the spectrum under clear skies are aerosol turbidity and water vapor abundance (measured by precipitable water, PW).
A subsequent step then reads the intermediate file, calculates all the derived values (solar, relative humidity, precipitable moisture, etc), and produces the processed historical year weather files.
1968: World distribution of mean monthly and annual precipitable water .
Air Temperature Cloud Amount/Frequency Geopotential Height Humidity Land Cover Maximum/Minimum Temperature Precipitable Water Sea Surface Temperature Soil Moisture/Water Surface Air Temperature Content Tropospheric Ozone Upper Level Winds Wind Shear Air Temperature Cloud Liquid Water/Ice Geopotential Height Hydrostatic Pressure Land Cover Planetary Boundary Layer Height Precipitable Water Skin Temperature Soil Moisture/Water Surface Pressure Content Tropospheric Ozone Vertical Wind Motion Wind Shear Air Temperature Convection Geopotential Height Ice Extent Land Cover Potential Temperature Precipitable Water Snow Water Equivalent Soil Moisture/Water Surface Winds Content Tropospheric Ozone Vorticity Wind Shear
3]H-Thymidine (1[micro]Ci/mL) was added at various times after re-suspending the cells, and acid precipitable material collected on GF/C filters 3 h later for measurement of thymidine incorporation by liquid scintillation counting (Packard 2500 TR liquid scintillation analyzer, Packard Instrument Company, Meriden, CN).
5g of lignocellulose or APPL 9 (Acid Precipitable polymeric lignin) was taken in a 500ml flask and added with 10ml of concentrated Sulphuric Acid and it was kept as such for one hour with occasional stirring.
Atmosphere Temperatures and Moisture Soundings -- Sea-surface Temperatures -- Land-surface Temperatures -- Cloud Cover and Heights -- Precipitable Moisture -- Total Ozone -- Clear Radiance -- Incoming and Radiated Heat
Transforming the obtained zenith wet delays into precipitable water vapour may now be done if the weighted mean temperature of the atmosphere is known ([T.
Downed trees and power outages were a common complaint as the latest of three frontal systems brought more wind and what the National Weather Service referred to as "very high precipitable water values" - that means rain - to Lane County.