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Specialty silicas currently available on the market include precipitated silica, fumed/pyrogenic silica, silica gel, and colloidal silica or silica sol.
[Ca.sup.2+] + C[O.sub.3.sup.2-] [right arrow] CaC[O.sub.3][down arrow] (precipitated) (3)
According to Geisler, there is a sequence of stages during the evolution of the alloy corresponding to the progressive growth of the precipitated particles.
To address the competition concerns, Evonik and Huber Silica offered to divest the following activities: Evonik's precipitated silica business for dental applications in Europe, Middle East and Africa; Huber Silica's precipitated silica business for defoamer applications in the European Economic Area (EEA); and Huber Silica's hydrophobic precipitated silica business in the EEA.
The Global Precipitated Barium Sulfate Industry 2016 Market Research Report published by QYResearch is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Precipitated Barium Sulfate industry.
PPG's Agilon is a technology platform of chemically modified precipitated silica used as a substitute forsilica-silicane in tires or for conventional precipitated silica, carbon black, or other fillers in industrial rubber applications.
Fagarasan, and V Plesu, "Thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate polymorphs precipitated in the presence of ammonia and alkylamines," Advanced Powder Technology, vol.
Precipitated silica, the dominant specialty silica product, will continue to account for over two-thirds of global demand through 2021.
Precipitated proteins are then removed by centrifugation, and the resulting supernatant is loaded on the HybridSPE-PPT cartridge, which acts as a chemical filter that targets the removal of endogenous sample phospholipids.
1 : to cause to happen suddenly or unexpectedly <The misunderstanding precipitated a quarrel.>
One in seven men with spontaneous AUR and one in four with precipitated AUR died within a year of admission, the study found.
Following a description of precipitated silica properties and their relationship to elastomer processing and reinforcement, chapters describe methods for compounding silica in natural rubber, emulsion styrene butadiene rubber, solution styrene butadiene rubber, ethylene propylene rubbers, neoprene, and nitrile.