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By contrast, quantitative targets such as those set out in the EU's Stability and Growth Pact allowed countries such as Ireland to easily meet them in boom years but also generated an intense sense of 'crisis' and a resort to 'command' style across-the board spending cuts when they failed to meet them as their fiscal position precipitately deteriorated after the 2008 global crash.
Developers and site owners Langtree, who had employed Mayfield to restore the Gardens, are confident they will find new contractors to conclude the work now abandoned so precipitately.
Ending all foreign aid could cause massive disruptions throughout the world, especially if it is done precipitately.
94-96, that Congress adjourned precipitately about this time, but actually it had adjourned on April 21" (II.
He replaces Bishop James Wingle who resigned precipitately in April stating he no longer had the stamina for the position.
An ill-advised institutional trade might have started the chain reaction that resulted in the flash crash, but it was the rapid withdrawal of liquidity that dragged prices down so precipitately.
The apparent breakthrough was certainly announced precipitately.
when all at once the royal lady, eager to display the hieroglyphics on her own sweet form, bent forward for a moment, and turning sharply round, threw up the skirts of her mantle, and revealed a sight from which the aghast Frenchmen retreated precipitately, and tumbling into their boat, fled the scene of so shocking a catastrophe.
As Marcil puts it, due to changes in Medicare and other factors, occupational therapists were being laid off, enrollment in occupational therapy programs "dropped precipitately," and "many programs closed down due to waning enrollments" [14].
For the word ahrtaka it is 'one who is stolen/carried off precipitately by force from another kingdom'.
It seems that brains function in a state of "self-organized criticality" on the edge between orderliness and turbulence--that is, shifting precipitately (precipitously too) between these extremes rather than chuntering along in middle-spectrum cognitive suburbia.
Once the power to enforce conformity and suppress dissent declines in states where there has been a state religion, religious belief itself declines precipitately, for it is seen as having chosen the wrong side of history.