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By the mid-1990s prices had stabilised and from 1996 they gained in strength to 2000, when they took off precipitately.
He said: 'In no way can it be claimed that in seeking at this time to test the mind of the Church of England we act hastily or precipitately.
The raging bulls - drivers who are always in a rush, drive too fast and are often forced as a consequence to react precipitately to unexpected circumstances;
from the military have risen precipitately since Don't Ask,
Keith Brown, the RCA chairman, urged the 49 racecourses who had signed the deal not to act precipitately and called for a period of reflection.
Furious, the King precipitately dissolved the Short Parliament -- as it became known (it had lasted only three weeks).
Precipitately this moderate smoker, this winner--hands down--of the morning radio blindfold test, this bearer of biscuits, has smothered one of her biscuit-halves with real butter and bitten off half, saying, "Damn the consequences!" She is yumming with gratification.
'In view of the premature Marcos burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB), the petitioners in the Supreme Court are contemplating to file a motion to order the exhumation of what remains of Marcos which was precipitately and stealthily interred in the LNMB,' Lagman said.
Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy accused Mr Blair of tabling the new resolution 'precipitately' and called for inspectors to be given more time to complete their task.
Even as domestic support for the war was falling precipitately, a number of European governments--including France, Germany and Italy--offered various forms of military assistance, including one by German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder to send 3,900 troops into combat, an action that required a vote of confidence in the German Bundestag.
Respondents acted with grave abuse of discretion in precipitately ordering the closure of the BCMC, Lagman said.