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This paper performs an assessment and attribution analysis of the 2016 NEB drought event through a multimethod investigation of 12-month (January to December 2016) and multiyear (2012-16) accumulated precipitation, water balance (P-E), and 12-month hydrological flow (Q).
Precipitation and Precipitation hardening are very important phenomena as they are equally useful in Chemistry (Solid State), Physical Metallurgy and Solid State Physics.
gov/news/us-had-8th-warmest-11th-wettest-spring-on-record) May saw expanded drought conditions in Florida , and record and near-record-breaking precipitation totals along the East Coast, the Mississippi Valley and the southern Appalachians, which helped relieve dry conditions in some of those areas.
Effects of an El Nino on North America include an increase in precipitation over much of the southern United States, including Texas.
In the studies conducted, it was indicated that greenhouse gasses accumulated in higher layers of the atmosphere have led to / will lead to higher temperatures on earth and changes in precipitation dynamics (Wentz et al.
An increase in winter, summer and mean precipitation from 1961-1999 for several stations in UIB was reported by (Fowler and Archer, 2006).
The outlook for the month of February shows that normal to below normal precipitation is expected in most parts of the country except a few places in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and the adjoining areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa and Punjab where slightly above normal precipitation is likely to occur.
Areas of high seasonal precipitation volumes, such as the monsoon regions in Asia are less significant compared to the tropics, but still stand out from the dry regions.
Here's a look at the 10 safest and most dangerous cities, including their average annual precipitation and drivers' statistical likelihood to get into crashes versus the national average:
The abundance and deficit of precipitation are the coupling effects of local random processes and the possible influences of large-scale climate patterns under the context of complex land-ocean-atmospheric mechanisms [4-6].
They also say it's too soon to tell whether more precipitation will slow warming or add to it.
Precipitation is a climatic variable, which can be characterized by a very high spatial and temporal variability.