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Precipitation is a climatic variable, which can be characterized by a very high spatial and temporal variability.
The diurnal variability of precipitation is one of the pronounced climatic cycles.
P = Probable Maximum Precipitation, P = mean observed of Precipitation, SD = standard deviation of observed Precipitation and K = rotation coefficient.
and visual basic language for obtaining of maximum rainfall amount in other time bases from 24 hour to 8784 hour (one year), next output of these program that was 8 records for maximum rainfall in any time bases entered to excel software, then graph of these records drawn, as on this log-log graph X axis was time (hour) and Y axis was precipitation (mm), after that, a line that covered all of maximum precipitation drawn.
Indeed, extremes of precipitation have become a popular focus of many studies carried out during the past twenty years, owing to the increased likelihood of more frequent and longer periods of intense weather conditions in the 21st century [10].
Heavy precipitation is defined as daily amounts greater than the 95th (or for 'very heavy', the 99th) percentile.
Key words: atmospheric precipitation, torrential rain, trends
To highlight the differences between the periodic evolution of precipitation average values and the time evolution of the days with precipitation amounts of > 20 mm and 30 mm, data from the 1945-2010 period, being the most consistent, have been used, However, due consideration was given to the fact that meteorological stations are located in the most different geographical and physical conditions (Fig 1).
La mousson, qui dure de juin a septembre, permet en general au Bangladesh de recevoir plus de 75% des precipitations annuelles.
Le Pakistan et l'Inde voisine sont, eux, affectes par des precipitations exceptionnelles qui ont fait pres de 1.
Finding out the probable maximum precipitation and probable maximum flood are among the important issues of designing hydrologic structures.