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Efforts to secure a statutory exemption for repos were not initiated until a precipitative event--the freezing of the Lombard-Wall collateral--provided a compelling incentive for change.
The catalyst idea is therefore patently false if taken to mean that alcohol is only a catalyst for aggression, and that the number of precipitative conflicts (situations in which catalysis would occur if alcohol were present) is approximately constant independently of the level of alcohol use in a society.
Where problems do arise, venture capitalists appear more likely to explore the problem in more detail rather than taking precipitative action.
And I further sustain that this spiritual homogeneity is absolutely different from the common masses of Hispanic peoples and that in [our homogeneity] the negroide factor intermixed in the Antillean psyche has served as a separator, or in chemical terms, as a precipitative agent.
The soothing effects of time offer inspection free of the divisive partisan politics that frequently accompany such precipitative events.