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Though the roster boasts perhaps more openly gay filmmakers than ever before, the number of programmed films featuring gay and lesbian content has dropped precipitously.
For an asset like 1290 Avenue of the Americas, the firm earned a positive influx of cash with which to pay investor dividends, and then benefited as well when the building's value rose precipitously.
Notably, the rates of slipping out and slipping in were substantially above average at first use (11% and 8%, respectively) but fell precipitously thereafter; for women who had used the female condom 15 or more times, both rates were less than 1%.
Their winning entry takes the form of an 80m high incandescent, flexible, lightweight tower designed to move with the wind, that soars and bends precipitously over the city.
For LEDs this means lumens generated per watt of power consumed will continue to rise at a pace that far outstrips bulb technology, while manufacturing costs should fall precipitously as volumes ramp up.
With birth rates failing precipitously, is it difficult to conclude that one in four pregnancies ending in abortion would be a major culprit?
I am everywhere at once, 2004) builds precipitously upward to become a pedestal for a Day-Glo yellow Buddha formed from lanyard string (the poolside-seating kind) who towers over our heads.
Public confidence in CEOs has dropped to just 13 percent, down precipitously from a high of 28 percent at the market peak in 2000.
Over the next 4 years, the local sculpin population declined precipitously.
But life and times change, and the effectiveness of institutions passing on the faith has dropped precipitously.
Physics truly achieves poetry in a short romance, where Ondrej Lipovsky, boots bolted to the ground, tilts precipitously, as Halka aTresnakova swings above him by her ankles.