precise amount

References in classic literature ?
Who would care two straws (whatever precise amount of care two straws may represent) whether you are blown up, or hung up, or married, or drowned?
He also acquainted them with the precise amount of the income guaranteed by the Duke of Thigsberry to Violetta Stetta of the Italian Opera, which it appeared was payable quarterly, and not half-yearly, as the public had been given to understand, and which was EXclusive, and not INclusive (as had been monstrously stated,) of jewellery, perfumery, hair-powder for five footmen, and two daily changes of kid-gloves for a page.
The precise amount of the write-off will be specified afterwards.
Pursuant to Article 76-8 of the Code of public contracts for energy purchases, the precise amount of energy that must be supplied during its execution can not be specified in the contract.
This comprises a comprehensive range of automatic stretchwrappers with a host of options, including powered prestretch for reduced film usage, a choice of more than 30 semi and fully automatic case tapers that apply the precise amount of tape for the proper result each time, large characters ink-jet printers for case coding and printing up to four lines, and their Lock n, Pop pallet stabilization system.
Also, the company mentioned that the preferred stock dividends have been rounded for convenience, the precise amount is USD1,022.22222222222.
It is an in-clinic device which combines a sensitive intraoral camera and application technology to deliver a precise amount of disclosing solution, containing a photoprotein, onto the tooth surface.
Deal (without precise amount of energy) in accordance with Article VIII of the CMP-76, for a single period of 3 years from 01.12.2014 to 30.11.2017.
3 ISN'T it funny how rich philanthropists always tend to give to charity the precise amount of tax they were due to pay the Inland Revenue?
By measuring the precise amount of the solution each embryo consumes during the four to five days they are left to grow, the Melbourne team has discovered that those taking in the most solution also have the highest chance of resulting in a baby.
The precise amount of the debt that might have been written off has not yet been determined.
Can I submit my tax return with an estimate of the income and advise the Inland Revenue at a later date of the precise amount?