precise amount

References in classic literature ?
Who would care two straws (whatever precise amount of care two straws may represent) whether you are blown up, or hung up, or married, or drowned?
He also acquainted them with the precise amount of the income guaranteed by the Duke of Thigsberry to Violetta Stetta of the Italian Opera, which it appeared was payable quarterly, and not half-yearly, as the public had been given to understand, and which was EXclusive, and not INclusive (as had been monstrously stated,) of jewellery, perfumery, hair-powder for five footmen, and two daily changes of kid-gloves for a page.
OKARA -- Agri experts have stressed the farming community apply precise amount of fertilisers to get the desired yield in light of soil fertility analysis and other needs of crops.
The precise amount of money the UK sends to the EU is difficult to calculate.
I'm a phenomenal dancer - if filled up with a very precise amount of drink.
While precise amount of FDI further expected can not be predicted or quantified, potential projects involving FDI include: Dankuni and Kancharapara rolling stock factories and BOT- annuity projects of 3rd line between Wardha-Nagpur, Kazipet-Vijaywada and Bhadrak-Nargundi.
This design for monitoring settling time ensures the precise amount of flocculant every time.
Arroyo argued that the prosecution in the PCSO case against her merely fixed the wealth that all the accused were supposed to have amassed in conspiracy with each other at the precise amount of P365,997,915, supposedly the amount of the transaction.
While the precise amount the school will receive for an extensive makeover has yet to be revealed, it has been confirmed the grant will be for over PS250,000.
The precise amount of the distribution will be determined on the ex-dividend date of the distribution, at which time the fund will make a further announcement.
The device's cap, a small vial, is then touched to the droplet, drawing in a precise amount of blood using capillary action.
After two weeks of talks in Kiev, the IMF said in a statement Thursday that the precise amount would be determined once Ukrainian authorities offered more precision on their needs and it was clear what other aid the country would receive.