precisely formulated

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With this initiative, the EC seeks to ensure that the definition of SMEs is precisely formulated in the light of the economic environment and ensures that EU (EU) support measures are only available to those companies that need such support.
Over 160 international design awards since the start of the 1990s confirm the success of the consistent, precisely formulated and recognisable design language of Duravit.
All the interminable debates, precisely formulated economic papers and arguments and passionate denunciations of the casual racism of Ukip's immigration poster are missing the point.
It is of utmost importance that referendum questioins be very precisely formulated so that we can be certain that the popular vote will not be misinterpreted," also said Mestan.
Minardi is very proud to introduce her new line that is precisely formulated to care for color-treated hair.
Lack of clearly and precisely formulated criteria for provision of financial assistance create a huge space for corruption in case of Speaker's fund use, when allocation of funds may depend upon personal connections, tribalism, nepotism," the report says.
Tocomin SupraBio is a precisely formulated liquid suspension that can be readily encapsulated (soft gels and licaps).
In epistemology this means that to be objective is to make precisely formulated, publicly expressed claims that are falsifiable and amenable to inter-subjective testing and criticism (39, 41, 54).
KL-4 surfactant technology has the potential to be precisely formulated as a liquid instillate or aerosol.
Train service regulations, training materials, lettering, advertisements and announcements should be as clearly and precisely formulated as possible.
You will never have more clarity of vision than the hallucinatory effects delivered by a precisely formulated mixture of Patron, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, and a bit of ice.