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Since nylon requires different grindings and F57 has high costs for routine lab tests, NWT may be an alternative due to its availability on the Brazilian market and to the quality of the material for preciseness in results.
The affective factors tested in this study (sound, expressiveness, musicality, elegance, literature, science, preciseness, standardization) were selected based on what L2 students traditionally identify as the distinguishing characteristics of a particular language.
He taxied to the runway, enjoying the preciseness of the aircraft's response.
Preciseness is achieved through the auto steam control: with a single control to set both temperature and steam output for each type of textile.
As is the case in each of his previous two books, we are given a recourse against excess, a poetic vision marked by brevity, preciseness of language, and a carefully rendered musicality:
Well, it is not the 700 fils I spent that is the issue, it's the preciseness of any "promotions" an establishment is offering.
While some may question the preciseness or the intellectual value of some of the estimates, without doubt one is struck by the cleverness and simplicity of their methodology in each case--so simple in fact that one may be lulled into many 'elementary, my dear Watson' moments except to realize that no one else seemed to have figured this out.
Ultimately, to determine the preciseness of a weapon, one must consider the context, including guidance accuracy, desired effect, potential undesired or unintended effects, mitigating external conditions (e.
Or, can improving the quality and preciseness of supervision make a difference.
The revised wording of the Tax Code has the following novelties: - principles of tax legislation were introduced into the Tax Code (principles of legality, obligatoriness, preciseness of taxation, unity of tax system, openness of tax legislation, presumption of good conscience and legitimacy)- such concepts as "electronic signature" and "electronic document" were introduced.
With these cognitions, we can directly influence the preciseness of the reproduction of the halftone values which is the base for achieving the quality print.