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The affective factors tested in this study (sound, expressiveness, musicality, elegance, literature, science, preciseness, standardization) were selected based on what L2 students traditionally identify as the distinguishing characteristics of a particular language.
Consequently, it also raises the problem of the preciseness of the image of the financial position and of the performance presented by the economic entities through the financial statements, respectively through the liabilities in the fiscal statement.
Take that physical power play and mingle it with skill, speed, preciseness and world class players, and you have New Zealand, A pretty potent bomb just waiting to explode upon us at the Millennium Stadium.
Deputy Interior Minister and Head of the Security Committee for 20th Gulf Cup Major General Saleh al-Zouari has affirmed that the adopted security plan to secure sport activities of the 20th Gulf Cup is implemented at a high level of preciseness and capacity in all stadiums and sport facilities in Aden and Abyan governorates which will host the event, according to almotamar.
He does an excellent job of executing a solemn, lonely gut feeling which is done with a lot of soul and preciseness.
The US expert praised the capacities of the authority's staff in utilizing the inspection systems to achieve preciseness in procedures of customs control.
The statement pointed out that: "more than a crisis had taken place towards the foreign troops, that had acted and still acts in Iraq, but our Council calls for looking for preciseness and objectivity in dealing with sensitive issues and reports, that represent a direct accusation, depending on reports that reflect personal viewpoints and analysis, that can't be treated as proven document and evidences.
We adopted the method of multilayer sub-approximation to make each section of the data correspond to the weights and bias values of one group of neural networks so as to guarantee the preciseness of network approximation, to enhance the accuracy of data collection and to increase the speed of operation.
Table 2) Personnel working in these firms find Downward Communication equally characterized by appropriateness, preciseness, job instructions, explanation of rationale behind the task which helped them in understanding their jobs and achieving organizational goals and targets, use of multiple channels of communication, performance feedback, repetition of messages etc.
He taxied to the runway, enjoying the preciseness of the aircraft's response.
Preciseness is achieved through the auto steam control: with a single control to set both temperature and steam output for each type of textile.
Salonen likes things like Stravinsky, music where there is a lot of rhythmic preciseness, whereas Dudamal is into really big, long downbeats.