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86) Coenraad Ruysch, for instance, paid regular visits to Francois Turretin, one of the precisians of orthodox Calvinism and a well-spoken minister, and his learned colleagues.
But before that moment, Shakespeare dramatizes the comic punishment of two precisians who discover they are remarkably imprecise in speaking about and understanding a matter of the gravest importance to each of them.
The irony is that the precisian Angelo has no respect or understanding for the potential value of the precise recollection of physical details in adjudicating guilt or innocence under the law.
One could say that Perkins's uncompromising rules for living by comparison make the behavior of the precisian Angelo seem a bit imprecise.
28) Nevertheless, one could say that the early modern administrator of equity was more precise than either the precisian or the dispenser of mercy, for he took account of the exact circumstances of individual cases wherein conscience and reason suggested the softening or dismissal of a statute that could be legally brought to bear against an accused individual.
We saw above that Jackson concluded from his text that Bsod nams dpal bzang po was unsympathetic to the Bka' gdams pa and the gdan gcig pa, the precisians, (and Vibhuaticandra).
The Hind and the Panther is a culmination not only of Dryden's career but also, in some ways, of nearly two centuries of religious controversies, often in the form of tracts, between Protestants and Catholics, and between Anglicans and the precisians, or Puritans, who peopled the ranks of England's varieties of Dissenters.