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Whitehead describes the final stage as generalization, during which the individual returns to the stage of romance, but now with the experience of the depth and synthesis that come from the period of precision.
This is a record year for Corning Precision Lens and forecasts from our customers continue to be positive," said Dave Szkutak, president and chief executive officer, Corning Precision Lens Inc.
Customers want to know the location of their goods, and shippers must deliver this information quickly and accurately," said Robert Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer for Precision Software.
Greg Lloyd, CEO Precision Software USA adds "TRAXi3 heralds a new era for customers of Precision Software.
Established in 1984, Precision Software has developed TRA/X Global Logistics to manage domestic and international trade, multi-carrier shipping and manifesting, regulatory trade compliance and provide forwarding solutions.
Greg Lloyd, CEO of Precision Software, USA comments "We are delighted to be assisting Mentor Corporation in streamlining its global shipping requirements.
Greg Lloyd, CEO of Precision Software USA, comments, "Precision Software is delighted to have been chosen by Menlo to fulfill the parcel manifesting needs of Menlo's global 3PL solution.