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Contract notice: University hospital regensburg, construction of a new high school building for the department of preclinical medicine, engineering services for structural engineering in accordance with A* 49 hoai.
Building project: reconstruction and overhaul InstitutsgebEnude 22:03 Preclinical Medicine University of Dusseldorf: Power: site electricity: Scope:: Hauptbaustromverteiler 1 pc: ACS 24 kVA inner 8 St: ACS 24 kVA external 2 St: Outlet manifold 11 St: Baustrahler outside 8 St: NYM 3x1, 5 550 m: H07RN 900 m: NYY-J 1x25 mm A 160 m: Construction Lamps IP 65 185 St: RZ lights 8 St: Fire protection as foam, pillow, plug
Contract notice: PCB, asbestos remediation, facade removal and associated works for overhaul of Preclinical Medicine University