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He had fallen seriously ill, and his illness precluded his appearance in society, and even at business, for over a month.
And so, when Bara came, escaping the clutches of Numa and Sheeta, his terror and his haste precluded the possibility of his sensing that other equally formidable foe lying in ambush for him.
He would have preferred to use his noose, but the foliage surrounding the huge cat precluded the possibility of an accurate throw with the rope.
This fact precluded possibility of escape in that direction.
Having, by this open declaration of his feelings, quite precluded himself from offering Nicholas any cautious worldly advice (which had been his first intention), Mr Noggs went straight to the point.
This state of affairs happened at a time very unfortunately for me, as I was precluded from taking any excursions much beyond the limits of the town.
he repeated in a whisper, whose despairing bitterness precluded all resentment.
Again he dropped to the ground and sped, silently and light of foot, over the carpet of decaying vegetation, only to leap again into the trees where the tangled undergrowth precluded rapid advance upon the surface.
The attachment he felt to Anna precluded in his heart every need of intimate relations with others.
The hour at which I arrived in London precluded all hope of my finding Mr.
The existing debt holder precluded the assignment of partnership interests as collateral.
The court held that summary judgment was precluded by genuine issues of material fact as to whether the employee violated a detainee's due process right to bodily integrity, and whether a detainee suffered emotional distress so severe that no reasonable person could be expected to endure it, as the result of a sexual assault by the employee.