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Helsinki District Court rendered today an award in which it held that twenty of those twenty-two banks and brokerage firms are precluded from presenting their claims due to an arbitration agreement concluded on March 8 and 11, 2002 by and between those twenty banks and brokerage firms on one side and OMX' subsidiaries and APK on the other side.
Also significant was the court's ruling that nonclient third-party investors who relied on the independent accountant's report were not precluded from bringing art action against the firm.
The EITF reached a consensus that a manufacturer would not be precluded from recognizing a sale at the time the product is transferred to the dealer if all of the following conditions exist:
In addition, the taxpayer may want assurance that it will not be precluded from making the intended automatic change for any reason, such as being contacted for examination by the IRS before it files the application.
97-24 provides that an employer is not precluded from offering to employees (other than 5% owners), who attain age 70k after 1995 and have not retired, an option to defer commencement of benefit distributions under a qualified plan merely because the plan has not yet been amended to provide for this option.
However, because of limitations in the law firm's professional liability insurance policy, an attorney serving as a director of one of the firm's clients was precluded from providing legal advice to such client.
31, 1998; (b) the status of negotiations with the company's lenders with respect to the restructuring of its lending arrangements; (c) the company being precluded from meeting the April 1, 1999 interest payment on the company's Convertible Subordinated Notes; and (d) the status of its European operations and its principal European borrowing arrangements.
The company was precluded from presenting important and relevant evidence.
Under the settlement, JENOPTIK is precluded from selling its TWIN line of products in the United States.
Research estimates that over 30 million consumers will be precluded from using cellular phones by the year 2000 due to impaired credit.
The split was designed to make LCA-Vision's common shares more acceptable to institutional and other investors precluded from investing in lower-priced stocks.