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The overall aim of the present study was to refine what has so far been a promising experimental protocol whilst exploring the roles of intentionality and lability in precognitive performance.
As posited above, cultural liturgies provide practices that shape one's telos toward particular kinds of "loves" and they do this at a precognitive or "gut" level.
Again, this is not to deny Merleau-Ponty's point that the precognitive relationship between self and body is in some respect more fundamental than conceptual questions about the nature of our knowledge of the external world.
The LRE-EWD model asserts the role of emotional reactions, essentially precognitive, as initial responses to the environment.
The leader of this group recognizes Jesse from a precognitive dream and knows that he holds the key to helping them escape from this tyranny.
The nightmare caused by possession of telepathic powers remains central to a much later novel like Bruce McAllister's Dream Baby (1988), where precognitive dreams foretell a future--here the death of soldiers in Vietnam--which the dreamer finds himself powerless to stop.
Imagine the looks of colleagues when you casually interject such ideas as "In my opinion the affective behavioral assessments of modified naturalistic instructional sequences confirm assimilation of sensori-perceptive modes into functioning structures of precognitive schemata
The three are inhumanly tranquilized and submerged in a tank filled with water-like fluid that acts as a conduit between the three's precognitive powers.
Paranormal features include vivid senses, ability to have extrasensory perception, purported ability to be precognitive and the sensation of being out of one's body, an experience also known as an OBE.
in attempting to account for hypotheses such as Heidegger's Dasein ("being-in-the- world"), Schopenhauer's Wille, or Freud's unconscious--"a 'negative' universal, a motoric, precognitive, and hence inscrutable agency said to circumscribe all possible historical and material experience"--thinkers have been prompted to introduce a concept to what this study discusses as emotion or mood.
In chapter eight he tackles the difficult topic of precognitive dreams, the dreams of people who saw it coming.