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Or, thinking in terms of precognitive prestimulus response, if a person reacts relatively slowly to an audio stimulus, then he or she tends also to react more slowly precognitively to the later shock.
This experiment seems to indicate that the people in this survey were able to get information about the target picture in a way that was not due to chance, although the information was not, strictly speaking, information that was gained precognitively.
Such informal observations of "displacement" carry little evidential weight, but it is just such informal observations that have led to the speculation that, during the mentation period, Ps might be picking up precognitively on decoys that they would observe during judging.
The 16 nights of the study were arranged in pairs so that on the first night Bessent would attempt to dream precognitively about the target sequence he would experience the next night, and on that night he would attempt to dream more conventionally about the sequence he had just seen.