preconceived idea

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He said: "You seek to put people in little boxes so you can order the world in your preconceived ideas.
Sandgren (above) has insisted he does not support the alt-right and, addressing a press conference after his 6-4 7-6 6-3 defeat, he read a statement saying: "You seek to put people in these little boxes so that you can order the world in your preconceived ideas.
ACTION POINT: When innovating, go with the market response, not with your preconceived ideas.
Of course I had preconceived ideas of 'those' places.
JON McCARTHY believes now is the time for his Chester side to banish any preconceived ideas about where they should finish in the National League this season.
I KNEW every one of the guests from television and had preconceived ideas of what they might be like.
He places the answers in the larger general linguistic context of current theories, points out the often implausible ramifications of preconceived ideas prevalent in the literature, and offers precise syntactic analyses.
The Everton boss (right) feels officials are going into games harbouring preconceived ideas about the England winger being a diver.
We have no preconceived ideas or preferences on how we can secure commercial opportunities and will consider all viable options that:- deliver the maximum return on our assets- ensure the integrity of our duct asset- are commercially viable for our partner(s)- are a long term partnershipWe are looking to establish a partnership that is based on open dialogue and a shared commitment to working together to ensure maximum revenue and long terms success.
Indian restaurant Mowgli has sought to distance itself from preconceived ideas of the typical curry house, and this fresh approach to Indian cooking is mirrored in the stripped down contemporary interior.
Biddy and Quincy will weave themselves into readers' hearts and make them think twice about any preconceived ideas about kids in special ed.
It also harms the deliberative process, because the committees will consist only of those chosen by the denominational establishment, and this eliminates the possibility of fresh insights from people coming to the issues without preconceived ideas (or at least with different preconceived ideas).