preconceived idea

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Politicians tend to go into meetings with a preconceived idea of what they are going to vote for, and all that gets in the way of learning.
Speelman said: "The report will show that we are ready to settle disputes, and will also correct the preconceived idea some people have that the Committee might be for the benefit of bookmakers, which is not the case.
3Learn to overcome a preconceived idea of how your hair should be looking.
I think they came in with the preconceived idea that this was really going to be fun, but there also is a business aspect to it.
People have this preconceived idea of me as a fat b***d who can't move.
THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have shown their support for an innovative Scottish festival which is challenging preconceived ideas about mental health during a visit to Dundee.
The Everton boss (right) feels officials are going into games harbouring preconceived ideas about the England winger being a diver.
Like most people I had preconceived ideas of Rotary.
We have no preconceived ideas or preferences on how we can secure commercial opportunities and will consider all viable options that:- deliver the maximum return on our assets- ensure the integrity of our duct asset- are commercially viable for our partner(s)- are a long term partnershipWe are looking to establish a partnership that is based on open dialogue and a shared commitment to working together to ensure maximum revenue and long terms success.
Indian restaurant Mowgli has sought to distance itself from preconceived ideas of the typical curry house, and this fresh approach to Indian cooking is mirrored in the stripped down contemporary interior.
1st Central co-founder and chief underwriting officer Pete Creed said: "People often have preconceived ideas about how certain professions behave on the roads.
But Wales forwards guru Robin McBryde maintained the 33-year-old is scrummaging legally and claimed referees could have preconceived ideas about the technique of the British Lion.