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We believe that travel is at its best when it changes a visitor's preconceptions, and few experiences achieve this more than travelling in Pakistan" he implored.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Rhe regions of the brain responsible for preconception have been found by researchers who have decoded what scenes people picture in their minds.
Slowly, the life of this 15-year-old girl changes dramatically, as do her preconceptions of what it is like to have to work desperately hard.
And those who were able to ignore their preconceptions and view objects with a fresh eye also created better sketches.
If a girl goes out and gets drunk and falls over they are almost demonised in the media, and if they then become a victim, you can see how juries would bring their preconceptions to bear," she said.
So we shouldn't have any preconceptions on future monetary policy," he said, reaffirming the central bank's forecast that the current slowdown did not change the trend of gradual growth.
Carrying on the preconception theme the TORRE SCALZA MONTEPULCIANO D'ABRUZZO 2006 (Marks & Spencer, pounds 7.
But they've destroyed all the preconceptions I had about aging.
While the opera community is continually keen to recruit new fans u opera virgins as they are known in the trade u they face an uphill battle because opera is up there with modern dance in terms of peopleAEs negative preconceptions of the art form
Despite some borrowers' preconceptions about their borrowing options, investors seeking relatively small mortgages for multifamily and commercial real estate properties can often turn to Wall Street for the financing they need.
Thom Mayne, the architect, is remarkable for his invention of forms that challenge preconceptions yet establish some fundamental bonds between the individual (the viewer, the person walking or driving), the architectural object and the external world.