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Slowly, the life of this 15-year-old girl changes dramatically, as do her preconceptions of what it is like to have to work desperately hard.
They say our preconceptions often cloud the way we perceive objects, leading us to distort them when we put pencil to paper.
Ms Saunders called for more to be done to challenge peoples' negative preconceptions of young females before they enter court.
So lose your preconceptions, because we're going to party like it's 1979.
They have too many false preconceptions and their priorities are skewed.
Made over by contest expert Michael Caine, Bullock uncovers her own girlie side and has some of her preconceptions about beauty queens shattered.
Though the circumstances are different, both Jesus and Paul come head-to-head with communities who are more concerned with their own preconceptions of who is bearing God's invitation to new life than with the invitation itself.
Students were set the task of raising questions around revolution, paradise and climate change in order to challenge the viewer's preconceptions of traditions and ideals related to these issues.
THE CITY is gearing up for a week of events to celebrate Islam and tackle preconceptions about the Muslim community.
TOKYO: Acting Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Masaaki Shirakawa yesterday said that dealing with global market turmoil was his top priority, but warned those expecting a cut in interest rates that he has no preconceptions on where to take monetary policy.
EVEN though we all have our preconceptions about a certain style of wine, trends come and go, mostly driven by the beloved wine buying public.
But they've destroyed all the preconceptions I had about aging.