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The preconceptual awareness of this cosmic justice is the foundation for the later concept of justice as a human endeavor.
(33) It took centuries to see that this method could be applied to natural science, when it was learned that "reason has insight only into that which it produces after a plan of its own, and that it must not be kept, as it were in nature's leading-strings." Kant echoes Bacon's language as he claims that nature must be constrained "to give answers to questions of reason's own determining," and that the mind relates to nature not as an attentive pupil but as "the appointed judge." Kant grasps that natural law and causal explanation in modern natural philosophy are not understood as mirroring the preconceptual given but are from the start thoroughly conceptual.
However, this level of awareness is favorable as compared to that observed in a recent survey of 488 obstetrician-gynecologists among whom 96.5% were aware that NTD can be protected by the use of preconceptual folic acid supplementation6.
Fundada en la creencia, el razonamiento transductivo y una causalidad magico-fenomenista expresa una logica preconceptual subjetiva y singularmente motivada.
Within two weeks, Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT security researchers have been conducting a preconceptual study of the product, testing it for vulnerabilities that could be exploited remotely.
La metaforologia es, entonces, un proceso de reflexion constante sobre el dominio de las metaforas durante el periodo de avistamiento conceptual que Foucault denomina "nivel preconceptual", este cabo de genesis, gestacion y gnosis.
Primary care clinicians should routinely include appropriate screening for alcohol use in all women of childbearing age in preconceptual health promotion and in contraceptive counseling and refer anyone identified as having an alcohol use disorder to substance abuse programs.
A proposal for graphically representing curriculum designs by using preconceptual schemas in computing-related undergraduate programs
"The axiological parameter in preconceptual image schemata".