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The concert's theme, Kings and Queens, will be explored in a preconcert discussion in front of an invited audience between the choir's musical director Dr Julian Wright and leading academics from Durham University's Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
Chorale artistic director Allan Robert Petker will present a preconcert lecture at 2:30 p.
And for those who want to get in the mood before the orchestra strikes up, there will be a preconcert workshop inthe Rodewald Suite (call 0151-210 3804) at the Phil at 1.
In Instrument, Fugazi's members are made to seem heroic less by the spectacle of their own activities than by the mute testimony of their fans, presented in poignant, preconcert parking-lot portraits.
Some free preconcert entertainment for those who want to take tea or lunch at the hall.
Sculthorpe's program notes, preconcert talks, public lectures, and interviews help make his work accessible to the widest possible audience.
Audience members are invited to a free preconcert "Musical Insights" talk at 2:10 p.
The concert also marked the renewed relationship between the CBSO and the Birmingham Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra, with the latter giving a thoughtful preconcert showcase under Michael Seal.
The music starts at 3pm but there will be a preconcert talk an hour earlier, when the four artists will discuss their instruments and the connections they make between folk and classical music.
The weekend progresses with free jazz, preconcert talks/interviews, masterclasses and sessions for children.
Located on the water's edge and just a stone's throw from the Symphony Hall and Birmingham Rep, it is ideal for preconcert or pre-theatre dinners.
Attendees at 19 2006 Foreigner rock concerts here and abroad will be able to participate in preconcert wine tastings featuring the wines of Wente Vineyards.