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According to preliminary experiment result, a preconclusion can be made that the value of [K.sub.s] is much larger than the one of [K.sub.p.] [X.sub.p]([t.sub.i]), [X.sub.p]([t.sub.i]), and [X.sub.p]([t.sub.i]) are the position of machining tool and its first-order derivative and second-order derivative, where [X.sub.p] = [[x.sub.x], [x.sub.y], [x.sub.z]] and is the cutting position perpendicular to the chamfer surface which is regarded as machining depth [x.sub.x] = [a.sub.p]; [x.sub.y] is the cutting position tangential to the chamfer surface.
Therefore, a preconclusion can be made that fuzzy-sliding mode control has the advantage in reducing the peak value of machining force, oscillation period, and amplitude.
(20) Morrissey, for example, stresses not to put words in the mouths of subjects ("don't seek verification of preconclusions") and to be clear by not ending questions with examples (otherwise "the respondent's answer will address the examples instead of the question they are meant to illustrate").