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We have never set the recognition of the Armenian genocide as a precondition," Sarksyan stressed.
Any talk of Assad's resignation being a precondition for the Geneva conference is inadmissible," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday, adding that fighting against terrorism was a priority for those who wanted to settle the crisis in Syria, press tv reported.
VATICAN CITY * A Vatican study group is urging world leaders to stop the flow of arms into Syria and to press for an immediate and complete cease-fire there with no political preconditions.
The Euro area Finance Ministers are expected to evaluate Cyprus' privatization program, which is a precondition for the disbursement of the third tranche amounting to e1/4186 million.
Khalaf said the organisation still hoped to raise those points in talks, but their inclusion was not a precondition.
The vital precondition concerned the payment of all monies due under the lease, not just those due and demanded.
We C* are open for meaningful discussions on confidence-building measures, without preconditions.
In this paper, we propose to construct context ontology first, so that we can determine what context information of service consumers will be matched against service information for service recommendation, and then we propose to formalize the precondition of successful service invocation based on a lightweight Description Language, and finally based on the formalization of both context of service consumers and precondition of service invocation, we can reason on context satisfiability for service recommendation in mobile network.
Netanyahu was referring to the Syrian demand for Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights as a precondition to peace talks, which Israeli politicians recently have divulged was agreed to during Netanyahu's first term as prime minister, in return for a complete peace and normalization of relations between the two countries.
Mr Netanyahu said the Israeli government would discuss East Jerusalem as part of what he called final discussions , but it could not be a precondition to direct talks.
The secretary of state, I assume with the full support of the president, has turned around after 10 months of negotiating the precondition of freezing settlements .
Occupied Jerusalem: The US has softened its language on a total colony freeze as a precondition for jumpstarting peace talks and is pressing Israel and the Palestinians to intensify efforts to re-launch deadlocked talks very soon, a senior Palestinian official said.