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Each of the 5,000-litre capacity coolers costs Sh7 million and has its own generator and solar systems.'The other precondition being fulfilled by the county government is the installation of hot water systems and storage plastic tanks, which is already done in 15 cooperative societies.
Among NCIP's powers is ' to issue appropriate certification as a precondition to the grant of permit, lease, grant, or any other similar authority for the disposition, utilization, management and appropriation by any private individual, corporate entity or any government agency, corporation or subdivision thereof on any part or portion of the ancestral domain taking into consideration the consensus approval of the ICCs/IPs concerned.'
Interestingly, the Indian army chief, Bipin Rawat, says, 'Yes, there should be talks with Taliban as long as they do not come out with any preconditions, and so long as they are looking at lasting peace in Afghanistan and bring stability in that country.' The word preconditions is tricky because it has been used by Rawat to spin the story.
The Israeli magistrate court of Jerusalem ordered Udai Gheith, Mohammad Gheith, Majdi Abbasi, Ali Abu Diab and Alaa Abu Tayeh to stay away from the city and to pay a fine of 1000 shekels ($280) each as a precondition for their release from Israeli jails.
Thordarson also urged the Philippines to allow Callamard to visit without any precondition or limitation so she could conduct an objective assessment of the human rights situation in the country.
In reference to de Mistura's recent statements, al-Ja'afari said "al-Riyadh statement was intended to move us from the diplomatic process to the political process, but we found a new stance represented by proposing preconditions by the operators of the other delegation.
It calls the requirement of Syrian President departure, set in the opposition's Riyadh-2 communique, a precondition and main obstacle for a direct dialogue.
It also said that the withdrawal is the precondition to restarting dialogue.
The rebel faction said Sunday it has consented to join the dialogue after receiving a positive response to the preconditions they set earlier for joining the dialogue.
"By failure to conduct a separate field (tests) based on investigation on the part of MacroAsia prior to the extraction stage of its mining operation, the NCIP, thus, correctly denied MacroAsia's application for issuance of certification precondition," the CA ruled.
VATICAN CITY * A Vatican study group is urging world leaders to stop the flow of arms into Syria and to press for an immediate and complete cease-fire there with no political preconditions.
The Eurogroup is expected to discuss about Cyprus' privatization road map, which is a precondition for the next tranche of Cyprus' assistance program.