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We have confirmed our primary position which welcomes any call by the UN Secretary-General for all Yemeni political parties at Geneva conference without setting any preconditions.
There are also other factors but this was essential," Sarksyan said in response to Today's Zaman's questions, adding that he still believes there is a legal and political base to bring the protocols back to life if Turkey is willing to step forward without setting any preconditions.
Political transformation is needed," a written statement said, but "it is not a precondition for ending violence; rather it will accompany the cessation of violence and the rebuilding of trust.
Amdi Bajram has the preconditions to be an acceptable candidate for BDI because he is al-so the founder of the modern philosophical school called "Always with the government.
DAMASCUS - Syria warned on Monday against preconditions for peace talks in Switzerland next week, a day after an opposition leader said President Bashar al-Assad's departure was "inevitable".
According to the sources, the government has maintained that it did not lay down any preconditions for the process of talks and would not accept any preconditions from the other party.
The newspaper added that Netanyahu government demands recognition of Jewishness of Israel in consideration for the Palestinian demand to freeze settlements unlike what the Israeli Minister of the Judiciary who is in charge of the negotiations dossier, Tsevi Levny stated yesterday that she does not put forth any preconditions in order to return to negotiations with the Palestinian side.
The society has been accused of undermining government attempts to push forward with a second round of national dialogue by refusing to scrap preconditions.
AL WEFAQ National Islamic Society claims it has dropped preconditions for holding talks with the government.
Obama welcomed Morsi's call for a dialogue with the opposition, but stressed that such dialogue should occur without preconditions, the White House said.
Among reached agreements made was that "No preconditions shall be made to disrupt the peace negotiations".
The Code for Leasing Business Premises in England and Wales 2007 recommends that preconditions should be restricted to payment of the principal rent being up to date, that vacant possession of the property be given to the landlord and that any underleases or subleases be terminated.