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Subarachnoid and intracerebral hemorrhage: natural history, prognosis and precursive factors in the Framingham Study.
Self-Portrait," in all its elegaic grandeur, in all its regret for the passing of a soul which it can never actually imagine to have existed, can be read as a precursive vision of the sex-positive queer of the nineties.
The poetic and semiotic innovations of William Morris, the founder of Kelmscott press and the inspirator for the artisanal printing revival, are, according to McGann, the pivotal precursive event that ushered into the modernist experimentation with the matter of language.
Already in Turgenev's precursive Fathers and Sons each of the two sons was an only child.
There is a romantic base to Freed's early postmodernism which finds its classic theoretical formulation in Wedde's introduction to the 1985 Penguin Book of New Zealand Verse, where he sets out to revise Curnow's dominating precursive text by stressing the oral, the demotic, the growth of language towards location.
To Preserve one nation free from Idolatry in order that it might be a safe receptacle for the precursive Evidences of Christianity, was the principle design of the Mosaic Dispensation.
Such a foregrounding is therefore the first precursive device in the narrative, already anticipating his full emergence later as a local government councillor, speech-maker and leader, the 'son of his father,' who was a big-man in his clan.
Jeffares, in a fascinating study of influences on Joyce, traces the precursive voices to the Sterne of Tristam Shandy, that 'bundle of perceptions in constant flux.
the very act of dissenting from established opinions must generate habits precursive to the love of freedom.