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Ketamine, a drug normally used as an analgesic but abused for its hallucinogenic properties, is being seized in growing amounts in China but 'recent reports of increases in seizures of precursor chemicals and NPs suggest that manufacturers are developing and exporting new drug analogs to global markets.'
Mutations found in amyloid precursor protein have been linked to rare cases of familial Alzheimer's disease.
in 2013, in 2014, 158 MT narcotics and 101 MT precursor chemicals, and 205 MT narcotics and 5 MT precursor chemicals in 2015.
For example ghee industry uses precursor substance as catalyst.
FTIR and DSC analyses were used to examine the progress of curing reaction of the PBz precursor PBz-tepa, which was chosen as an example.
precursor chemicals seized in 2017 while the number of seizures during first eight months of this year was 50 MT
The joint ventures are for the production of precursors and cathode materials.
The rapid clinical course and typical lack of response to anti-VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) therapy in patients with advanced RAP make the early detection and monitoring of precursor lesions of great importance.
The operation is aimed to identify and intercept smuggled consignments of chemical precursor to comprehend the domestic movements of chemical precursor in better way and to create risk profiles relating to trafficking of precursor chemical.
The climatological characteristics of North Atlantic cyclones are determined in terms of the possibility that they had sting jets using this precursor diagnostic.
Present studies were planned to assess the precursor (L-TRP)-inoculum (Rhizobium) interaction for the yield promotion of wheat.
Preventing diversion of precursor chemicals from legitimate trade is one key goal of the 1988 UN Convention.