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Predaceous fishes are excluded from crawfish impoundments (Huner and Barr 1991).
Both species are primarily detritivores and algivores and are facultatively predaceous on small invertebrates (McKinley, 1973; Fisher et al.
Plants and mites frequently engage in a mutualism in which plants provide domatia for predaceous and fungivorous mites, while mites provide protection against herbivores and pathogenic fungi.
Walleye (Sander vitreus) is a large predaceous North American percid fish, which are common in the mid-western U.
This community, called "mesopelagic," includes many large predaceous fish such as the swordfish, bigeye thresher shark, and long-fin mako, but the majority are small fish and squid that often have their own bioluminescent organs, both to attract prey and to allow them to hide from predators.
Predaceous fishes are gape-limited, therefore prey body size relative to predator mouth gape determines which prey can be consumed (Hambright 1991).
Numbers of predaceous mesostigmatid mites were inversely related to flea numbers (161).