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To assess whether American Crows learned cues to where experimental clutches were placed, we used a Spearman's rank correlation to test for a significant relationship between the Julian date of experimental clutch initiation and the elapsed time before predation.
Like many deer populations, deer mortality in these states is primarily from regulated hunting, and not predation.
Forest Service Southern Research Station in New Allenton, South Carolina, is convinced coyote predation has had a drastic impact on fawn survival in the Southeast--particularly where regulations have historically allowed for hunter harvest to keep deer populations low.
Muskrat predation on endangered freshwater mussels in Virginia.
Because clay is weather resistant and retains marks incurred during a predation attempt (Brodie, 1993), using clay models to represent prey items can serve as a valuable tool when teaching students how prey characteristics affect predation rates.
2], Savino and Stein (1982) found predation of bluegill Lepomis macrochirus by LMB declined to near zero at the two highest densities.
Too seldom do the victims of sexual predation break their vow of silence.
McGee argued economic theory suggested predation was not a viable technique and Standard Oil did not engage in the tactic.
A lot of predation occurs in all these zones early or late in the day.
Key words: Alces alces, body size, bones, growth, metatarsus, nutrient limitation, predation, skeletal.