predatory incursion

See: foray
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Owing to the mutual hostilities of the different tribes I have mentioned, the mountainous tracts which separate their respective territories remain altogether uninhabited; the natives invariably dwelling in the depths of the valleys, with a view of securing themselves from the predatory incursions of their enemies, who often lurk along their borders, ready to cut off any imprudent straggler, or make a descent upon the inmates of some sequestered habitation.
The tribe had grown larger since Tarzan had come among them, for under the leadership of Kerchak they had been able to frighten the other tribes from their part of the jungle so that they had plenty to eat and little or no loss from predatory incursions of neighbors.
"The biggest issue we have seen facing wholesalers in recent years has been the predatory incursion of the major multiple supermarkets into the local store and convenience sector," said John Murphy, chief executive of the Federation of Wholesale Distributors.
On Saturday, in the latest of these predatory incursions, a fleet of 20 large fishing boats sailed back to mainland China, their cargo holds filled with corals and marine turtles they had plundered from waters near Pag-asa Island, 480 kilometers off southwestern Palawan.