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Discretion is the root source of administrative agency power and influence, but exercising discretion often requires agencies to undergo costly and time-consuming predecision assessment programs, such as under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
Potential buyers in the predecision phase were gathering information from others to aid in their ultimate choice of product.
Then, passengers can choose their optimal paths based on the available seats before departure, which is a predecision problem.
84) Add to this the poor fit between nuisance law and the rising tide of environmental values reflected in natural-resource management such as endangered species, loss of wetlands, biodiversity conservation, and predecision impact assessment, and it is no surprise that nuisance law gave way to the modern environmental law regime, as the Stationarity Assessment model predicts it would.
82) A predecision warrant is defined as a warrant issued "prior to the rendering to that person of a decision or determination of the State Tax Commission.
Based on the RD cost correlation between neighboring views, and the RD cost of different textural segmentation regions, a predecision of the Skip mode is introduced to reduce other modes' estimation.
Si partimos, por el contrario, de la utilizacion comunicativa de saber proposicional en actos de habla, estamos tomando una predecision a favor de un concepto de racionalidad mas amplia que enlaza con la vieja idea de logos (59).
Clearly, the problem appears to be not so much at the postdecision stage, but at the predecision stage, with almost 60 percent of firms considering the process slow and expensive.
Feature Matching, Unique Features, and the Dynamics of the Choice Process: Predecision Conflict and Postdecision Satisfaction.
This does not, however, imply that entrepreneurs engaged in the start-up process described here would not engage critical constituencies in a predecision dialogue to determine the appropriate course of action.