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The commissioning process and the CxA provide a continuous thread from predesign through occupancy.
The consultant chosen to conduct the predesign study developed the following approach:
Included in that appropriation was $150,000 for "a predesign study for the Minnesota Library Access Center.
Predesign study and facilities plan; budget; financial plan.
Another president, who expects his iron foundry to be required to participate via auction very shortly, said "this price-only approach precludes all the stuff that we've been told to concentrate on, such as predesign, simulation modeling and assembly.
Predesign, generally the first step in a design sequence, includes the following primary tasks: (a) facilities planning and programming; (b) financing and financial feasibility; and (c) project scheduling and budgeting.
They also provide a crucial development tool and on-going investment ensures Waterloo's customers can benefit from predesign, selection and feasibility testing.
Paul Szmurlo, AFG's Director of Federal Program/ Construction Management Services, will serve as AFG's Contract Executive and will oversee all tasks from predesign through post construction.
The services would cover five phases of the project: predesign, design, procurement, construction support and postconstruction support.
The site visit for the predesign phase was conducted at a Midwestern community hospital (Waukesha Memorial Hospital, ProHealth Care); the design phase at a Northeastern academic medical center (Princeton University Medical Center); and the construction phase at a Pacific Coast long-term care safety net facility (Laguna Honda Hospital).
The first aspect of the predesign phase is to meet the client and assess character, financial strength, and needs.