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Predesign results obtained with the proposed model for the hybrid radiator closely matched HFSS simulations, as well as actual measurements in a prototype that was built and tested.
For evaluating the project quality and identify potential significant design defects before it is too late or expensive to make changes, building commissioning should be embedded in the following phases: predesign phase, design phase, construction phase, transition to operational sustainability, postoccupancy and warranty phase, and retrocommissioning [21].
The commissioning process and the CxA provide a continuous thread from predesign through occupancy.
The consultant chosen to conduct the predesign study developed the following approach:
The morphed FE model helps in assessing whether a "predesign" meets performance targets.
Included in that appropriation was $150,000 for "a predesign study for the Minnesota Library Access Center."
Predesign study and facilities plan; budget; financial plan.
Another president, who expects his iron foundry to be required to participate via auction very shortly, said "this price-only approach precludes all the stuff that we've been told to concentrate on, such as predesign, simulation modeling and assembly."
Predesign, generally the first step in a design sequence, includes the following primary tasks: (a) facilities planning and programming; (b) financing and financial feasibility; and (c) project scheduling and budgeting.
The predesign work will give the university a better sense of the true scope of the project, which could be up for a state bonding request in 2020, he said.
They also provide a crucial development tool and on-going investment ensures Waterloo's customers can benefit from predesign, selection and feasibility testing.