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The two halves of their nature are so completely joined that they seem to labour for their objects, and yet to desire whatever happens, being at the same time predestinate and free, creation's very self.
A bundle of about a thousand pamphlets had been printed, for distribution to brethren in Northamptonshire, Essex, and Hertfordshire, to explain "the reason for this course taken in reformation," and to urge assistance in this predestinate project.
52-54) e si prestano a divenire vittime predestinate dell'inganno tramato da Charition.
Thus in "Toenadering" ("Getting Closer") she states that the "observable distance" between past and future grows "less and less clear," and she concludes that the past and future "conduct you along your predestinate course.
In his opening chapter Hus described the Church thus: "But the holy catholic--that is, universal church is the totality of the predestinate [omnium predestinatorum universitas] or all the predestinate, present, past, and future.
Just a being that moves In predestinate grooves, Not even a bus, but a tram.