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By using a real-time claim transaction processing system, dental offices can receive immediate benefit predeterminations," said Theresa Jansen, manager of Dental Electronic Services for United Concordia.
Women's demands are a reminder that the conquest of human rights was the result of conflicts and the historic needs of individuals rather than the result of natural and static predeterminations.
There are presuppositions and predeterminations galore built into the layered details of the question.
What we will find is that cases involving public performances may also be subject to holding predeterminations.
Wishing to avoid predeterminations of typological terms, he sets out to evaluate the social, political, and economic landscapes to the extent they may be revealed in the archaeological record.
In fact, the language of "contingency" itself reveals a wobble in the lofty trajectory of the new human molecular genetics: for diseases of low or uncertain penetrance or for which expression is determined in part by other factors, genetic forecasts remain statistical, predictions not predeterminations.
For example, in the survey 88 percent of office managers reported that predeterminations are a regular part of their daily routine.
Thus, the Taoist teaching of cultivating egoless selfhood aims to free a person from the four great hindrances of preconceptions, predeterminations, obduracy and egoism stipulated by Confucius in order to bring out what is hidden within the self to activate the process of concrescence or unity within multiplicity (Chang, 1963).
According to the complaint, despite the Board's public promises to Company shareholders that it would conduct the CEO search with 'open minds' and with no predeterminations or preconditions, in reality, the Board's CEO selection process precluded serious and effective consideration of external candidates.