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We are not going with a predetermined mindset," she said in response to a query.
Index Insurance … An insurance product that pays insured amount to the insured when an index, such as observed values of specific weather, meets predetermined conditions.
As I get older, I sometimes feel that things have been predetermined for me whether I liked it, wanted it, wished for it, whatever," the Mirror quoted him as saying.
HAKODATE, Japan - Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Hirohide Yamaguchi said Wednesday that the central bank will decide what to do with its temporary funding measures by carefully checking corporate financing and financial markets ''without any predetermined view,'' and in a way predictable to investors.
This election is clearly wide open, and telling readers that the results are predetermined is the only guaranteed way of driving down turnout, something none of us would want.
An intervention is most acceptable when it has been shown in a randomized controlled trial to be better able to accomplish a predetermined outcome than is some other intervention or no intervention at all (placebo).
Teachers create other compliance issues as they troubleshoot IEPs that won't cross the computer's predetermined finish line.
While award fee contracts are used when it is neither feasible nor effective to devise predetermined objective performance targets, it is imperative that award fees be tied to identifiable interim outcomes, discrete events or milestones, as much as possible.
Introducing the reader to the theoretics and collective knowledge of Jeschke's investigation of the history and worldly understanding of the land and its predetermined value and use, Rethinking Holy Land educationally determines the most favorable and progressive solution for the Holy Lands compromising position.
CDP provides a continuum of recovery points for a given data set--offering the ability to access ANY point in time, not just those specific times predetermined by a snapshot process.
Management features include: a data warehouse that contains secure, integrated data from a single facility, and is capable of providing analysis capabilities across many facilities as a collective entity; an OLAP tool for tracking and analyzing areas such as billing and collections, inventory levels, case costing and clinical quality assurance; high-level graphical depictions of predetermined performance metrics for quickly gauging a company's status; event-driven notifications and ad hoc reporting.
Improve part quality and productivity by means of a new in-mold sensor that signals the press to open the mold when the part has cooled to a predetermined ejection temperature.