predetermined conclusion

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The predetermined conclusion ensured that no opposing views or scientific evidence would sway or be taken into account," Bourgeois said at one point.
So did Senate Republicans, whose written dissent accuses Democrats of inaccuracies, sloppy analysis and cherry-picking evidence to reach a predetermined conclusion.
Paying scientists to find evidence for a predetermined conclusion is political hucksterism, not science.
The Times never allows a little thing like the reasoning behind the panel's decision and the Supreme Court's unwillingness to issue a stay at the request of pro-abortionists, to get in the way of its predetermined conclusion.
In fact this type of reasoning that quotes texts as a rationalization for a predetermined conclusion is akin to Kharijite mentality which greatly informs religious extremists' line of reasoning -- for instance, believing that certain verses in the Qur'an justify unprovoked violence against non-Muslim noncombatants.
Blaming the current situation in Zimbabwe on the International Monetary Fund, the European Union and various other Western organisations shows a great talent for twisting the facts to fit a predetermined conclusion, but has no connection with reality.
4,) that the agency's inspector general charged "that the agency's senior management instructed staff members to arrive at a predetermined conclusion favoring industry when they prepared a proposed rule last year to reduce the amount of mercury emitted from coal-fired power plants.
He's marshaling evidence in support of a predetermined conclusion.
Robert Wilder, conservation director of the Pacific Whale Foundation, has observed that "the Final Environmental Impact Statement produced by the Navy glosses over very large gaps in our knowledge, and presents what seems more an advocacy piece aimed at justifying a predetermined conclusion.
He therefore searches his sources for arguments to prove his predetermined conclusion.
The study appears to have a predetermined conclusion, justified by making the figures fit.