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These are reflective of the predicament that India finds itself in, after its illegal and unilateral actions imperilling peace and security in the region and beyond," Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said.
"The Government's failure to undertake the workforce planning exercise the Justice Committee recommended in 2016 has led to the current predicament.
The move Bruce in predicament of his Park allies of the Bruce and Round got on well and enjoyed a good working relationship.
And let me be frank, the board takes full responsibility for our predicament.
Humans may be the cause of their own apocalypse, but humans are also the solution to their current predicament.
Jot down your assumptions about the current situation or predicament. Also reflect on the following questions: What do I know/believe about the role I play in this predicament?
This often distressing film, the first in a series of three, will hit a nerve with everyone who's faced the heartbreaking dilemma of caring for an elderly parent - a labour of love made even harder as it forces you to confront the fact that one day you'll most likely be in a similar predicament yourself.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Fouad Ajami, an American scholar of Arab origin, published his seminal book, "The Arab Predicament," in 1981.
PAL PREDICAMENT: The two of you are so close that you can't help but feel a teensy bit jealous when something awesome happens to her ...
Here's a predicament: you don't want the government using high-tech face scanning technology to track every inch of your walk to the post office, but you also don't want to take a sledgehammer to your neighborhood.
This predicament clearly emerged in Lebanon where minority sensitivities are the ones governing both the behavior and politics, thus revealing the archetypal position of the Arab minorities in the face of the changes unfolding in the Arab region, where the overwhelming Sunni majority is embracing the Islamic movements that are the source of fear and the extremist groups targeting the minorities.