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Having conferred with Maronite patriarch Bshara Ra'i in Bkirki today, the minister told waiting newsmen that the resurrection of Lebanon from its predicament must coincide with that of Easter's.
It highlights the cruelty and heartache of being an out gay actor, and you can understand his predicament, but then the decision makers have to consider whether women can go into a theater and identify with him in that role.
In one, titled "Crevasse," Moseley finds himself in a humorous predicament on the mountain and uses his Nextel phone to walkie-talkie for help.
Depending on the reader's perspective, this is Caroline's story as she graduates from college, or Faith's recovery from a nervous collapse and a difficult divorce, or Jack Dunlap's stoic existence as a divorced man and single father, or Rosita's predicament as an unemployed, pregnant housekeeper, or ten-year-old Eliot's chronicle of trying to understand this unsettled family and grow up too.
You never know what the weather will do and we're in the same predicament again, just a week later.
Aptly titled, the breathlessly paced Go shifts in mood from the dark desperation of Ronna's predicament to the guns-and-girls chaos of Simon's Vegas fiasco to the wryly hilarious misperceptions of Zack and Adam, who find themselves trapped in a budding dinnerparty orgy with a cop and his wife.
O the 20 pieces from this series shown here, only one depicted an individual struggling against his predicament, trying to pull his body upward to fight against the doped-up state this position usually induces.
Both of these levels have already come into play for HCR, as the 40 level has halted the stock's advance since early June, while the 35 level recently vaulted the shares back to their current predicament.
As perceptive as Lillian usually is, it is Marion herself who delineates with surprising clarity what could be the only realistic solution to her predicament.
In order for an audience to transcend Beckett's meandering dialogue and enjoy the predicament, Estragon and Vladimir need to be enjoyable for their own sake, not for what they say.
Consumers in such a predicament can seek help from legitimate credit counseling organizations whose payment plans may be much better than what they may have to pay under the new rules.
That's a lot of minutiae for an 18-year-old still overwhelmed by her own death, and Georgia's predicament is exacerbated by her unfinished business with her family.