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The latest round of negotiations, hosted by Washington, sums up the predicament in which Israel places the supporters of the two-state solution in the world, especially the United States.
It would appear that he, like so many in Bahrain, is trying to sort out his financial predicament but because of the absolute lunacy of the judicial system, can't pay debt, declared illegal, banned from travelling, and can't get a job to clear his debt.
By helping patients understand more fully their unique predicaments, you can reduce their burdens, foster realistic hopefulness, and be gratified by having truly connected with what patients experience as serious threats to their sense of self.
It was during my predicaments that I began to seek God's help.
Much of the recent scholarship in postcolonial studies focuses intently on the specific psychological problems of the colonial predicament.
As alter egos, these little clowns seem surprisingly universal, their woeful predicaments accessible and painfully touching.
com/research/a0d07d/instant_impact_sem) has announced the addition of the "Instant Impact Seminar: Understanding the Predicaments of Financially Distressed Developers and What Real Estate Lawyers can do for Their Clients" report to their offering.
She tells the story of her aspirations, her predicaments, and her parents' financial difficulties and distress; she loves her parents, but acknowledges how their failings added to their troubles.
Without these gadgets, James Bond might not have survived the perilous predicaments in which he often found himself.
PIERRE SALVADORI'S ``Apres Vous'' is about a Good Samaritan who starts the movie helping everyone but himself (and, by extension, his long-suffering girlfriend) and, following a wild series of predicaments, reaches a point where he faces a lifetime of unhappiness unless he sells somebody out.
It is when owners and managers are faced with such predicaments that they need innovative and creative solutions from their maintenance experts.