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The FDA reviews product submissions under this pathway to determine whether the product is substantially equivalent to a valid predicate product.
I doubt that many will be persuaded by this because any surrogate for a universal (for instance, a predicate, a class) will itself have properties and exhibit type/token phenomena, two points that bring a smile to realists.
Altria has seen the predicate product and offered a seven figure deal to acquire it.
A predicate is a device cleared because it was deemed equivalent to one already on the market.
Two or More Predicate Acts of Racketeering Activity
154) Courts could characterize civil RICO based on the alleged predicate offenses, the nature of the relief requested, or as a distinctive separate offense.
The Subject and the Predicate in Votic, Tallinn 2010 (Linguistica Uralica.
of Arizona) began with the intention of analyzing just the morpho-syntactic properties of complex predicate constructions--causative and applicative--in three polysyntactic languages of the South Caucasus family.
Sorites-susceptibility may be seen as a further puzzling feature of predicate vagueness.
First, the referent noun is usually mentioned first, followed by the classifier predicate.
Our system is composed of two main sub-systems: A Predicate Prediction module and an Argument Prediction module.