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the potential inferential necessity is for N to be predicated of no X.
In fact, the setup is all predicated on oddball antics.
Basic wide-receiver routes are predicated on the cornerback's alignment.
Since the American economy is consumer driven (albeit with lower octane gasoline), the heart of any marketing strategy is predicated on identifying the needs of your customer and satisfying that need.
Each franchise has a solid foundation predicated on established intellectual capital and product knowledge resulting from many years of experience and a track record of success within its defined market.
Essentially, Pehrson explains, the systems that are created through this approach not only come in at a comparatively low capital investment (achieved, in part, through the utilization of more standard elements: after all, special, or custom, products always cost more), tend to have a considerably smaller footprint than traditional systems (achieved not only through much smaller components, including motors, drives and controls, but also as a result of reducing the amount of space between stations, predicated, in part, by greater reliability of the equipment), but which are also adjustable (through reprogramming, adjustmen t, or quick tool change).
This team,'' Lakers forward Samaki Walker said of the Spurs, ``is predicated on Tim Duncan being the MVP.
If you are planning any kind of investment predicated on obtaining individual rental increases through improvement you probably shouldn't buy the building," said Margulies.
As previously announced, the Company's expectations for fiscal 2004 are as follows: For the fiscal first quarter, the Company estimates sales to be in the range of $700-$720 million, predicated on square footage growth of approximately 28% compared to first quarter 2003 and comparable-store sales growth of slightly positive to 3%.
The amount of microfinishing performed is predicated on the amount of tooling applied to the workpieces.
If ever there was a need for an exception to the sign ordinance, predicated on its historical value to the community, this is the place.
Turartski had predicated his claim upon an assertion that the succession provisions promulgated by the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal for rent controlled and rent stabilized tenants should be made applicable to the Loft Law.