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The metasemantic challenge for non-naturalists is to provide an explanation of how the previous normative predicates manage to refer to the relevant non-natural normative properties.
Chapters four and five provide excellent treatments of property elimination (ostrich nominalism) and property reduction (for example, to predicates, concepts, classes, and so on).
A predicate is a device cleared because it was deemed equivalent to one already on the market.
Section 1961(1), which defines 'racketeering activity' for purposes of RICO, incorporates by reference various federal criminal statutes, which serve as predicates for RICO liability.
The present contribution provides a description of the semantic representation of the verbs join and attach, which belong to the lexical subdomain of "putting things together", as presented in the paradigmatic organization of the lexicon in Faber and Mairal (1999), along with the structural patterns and alternations in which these predicates might participate (Levin 1993; Rappaport and Levin 1998).
The suggested classification of predicates and subjects is very detailed.
Drawing on Role and Reference Grammar (RRG) (Van Valin and LaPolla, 1997; Van Valin, 2005), the LCM has developed a decompositional system based on lexical functions and primitives which reveals the properties that lexical items share, thereby allowing formulating generalizations about to the ascription of predicates for a given construction.
The reference of a predicate is a concept, which is a function whose value is always a truth value.
D] are the predicates of the "underlying" descriptive language.
Lastly, it should be able to express knowledge in a domain-independent manner to allow for transfer between domains described by different predicates and types.
Conjugation of non-verbal predicates produces constructions similar to verbal predicate constructions.