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Within the LCM, both metaphor and metonymy are regarded as external constraining factors licensing the adaptation of predicates to constructional meaning.
The reference of a predicate is a concept, which is a function whose value is always a truth value.
D] are the predicates of the "underlying" descriptive language.
Among her perspectives are variation in causatives and applicatives, inchoative-causative alternation in Georgian, causative predicates in the related languages of Mengrelian and Svan, reflexive applicatives, and four-place predicates in low applicative constructions.
Lastly, it should be able to express knowledge in a domain-independent manner to allow for transfer between domains described by different predicates and types.
Conjugation of non-verbal predicates produces constructions similar to verbal predicate constructions.
The grammar describes such features as morphology, pronouns and conjunction, post-verbal particles in complex predicates, aspect expressing complex predicates, and embedded S-complements and VP-complements.
4) Our natural language contains a number of normative predicates such as "ought," "is a reason to," "good," "better," "right" and so on.
In my view, any meaningful predicate term expresses a concept which is a mental universal, but not all meaningful predicates (for example, gerrymandered ones) refer to universals.
Instead of treating them as operators applying to formulas, I will consider them as predicates applying to terms naming formulas.
These new iterations may not necessarily be safe just because their predicates were deemed to be so.