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Thomistic scholars will be particularly interested in Chapter 2 of Hall's book, for it contains a highly synthetic, ad litteram exposition of Aquinas' interpretation of Aristotle's theory of predication.
That is, the function of the dispositional stative predicate form is the predication of these states over theme arguments referring to the Figure of the particular disposition.
This dual condition of adequacy-inadequacy seems characteristic of the Predication usage of to be and provides both its charm and danger.
But there it expresses secondary predication only, e.
Des procedes classiques imites des questions de Thomas d'Aquin aux rhetoriques des talkshow americains, la predication du pere Desmarais met tout en branle pour conserver une seconde de plus l'attention.
In the intersection of these two distinct discourses, a certain form of propositional predication becomes admissible even within a cultural-linguistic framework.
An investigative plan must include a predication, or brief statement justifying why the case initially was opened.
National Science Foundation Funded Science and Technology Center to Use REMUS for Studies on Coastal Margin Observation and Predication
Using attentional apparatus and shared perceptual Gestalt mechanisms, humans can establish an observation language through predication and referencing.
Les deux accuses ont reconnu, au cours de l'enquete preliminaire, avoir participe a plusieurs operations d'assassinats et de trafic d'armes depuis leur adhesion au Groupe salafiste pour la predication et le combat (GSPC).
Les avocats ont intente ces proces pour l'absence d'une autorisation de la confrerie de pratiquer la predication religieuse depuis sa fondation en 1928, et ont accuse le PLJ d'avoir enfreint a l'article 4 de la Declaration constitutionnelle interdisant la creation d'un parti politique sur des bases religieuses.
His predication was based on his interpretation of the Bible and a timeline dating back to the Biblical flood survived by Noah.