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The truth of all true predications, or at least of all true predications of the form "a is F, " is to be explained in terms of a subject and an exemplifiable.
Semantic MEDLINE's Summarization phase identifies SemRep semantic predications that are relevant to a user's indicated information need.
Drawing on tools from the emerging field of masculinity studies, she covers masculinity and metaphor as an approach to analysis, predications of gender-based and non-gender-based imagery, and syntheses and subversions.
Furthermore, Roy points out that Glynn-Ward was an observant writer (xx), expressed sympathy for Aboriginal peoples (xxv), and did not indulge herself when her predications were partially vindicated by Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour (xxvi).
Responding to a question about his resignation, Patriarch Sfeir described all talk about electing a new AoPatriarchAo as being mere predications, since his submitted resignation has not been accepted yet.
As LED lights begin to fill the shelves at more home improvement stores, these lighting statistics lend themselves to the positive predications for the future of the product line.
AS football fans across Tyneside and Wearside begin to make their score predications for Sunday's big game, police are hoping for a nil-nil draw.
It achieves these objectives through a consideration of predications about God in some of the earliest sections of Jewish liturgy that, though expressed in psalmodic idioms, are drawn ultimately from Biblical narratives.
Kintsch (2000) shows the algorithm at work and checks the final meaning of predications such as "The bridge collapsed", "The plan collapsed" and "The runner collapsed", as well as an example better suited to taxonomic or hierarchical structures--"Pelican is a bird" and "The bird is a pelican".
(16) Une phrase P contient une predication secondaire si elle peut etre paraphrasee par deux predications P1 et P2 telle que la seconde predication P2 exprime une predication qui est independente de la predication de la premiere P1.
It is hoped the campaign will help the counties capitalise on predications that more people will holiday at home this year due to the credit crunch.
But what if the predications of a housing market slump prove to be true?