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Further, the preceding noun or adjective needs to be marked verbally again which results in predicative double marking:
Predicative > [He was uncomfortable as he moved.
Here is the instance of a deduction (which is also a necessary demonstration), whose inferential necessity is independent of the predicative necessity of each premise and conclusion: if every animal is a substance, and if every man is an animal, it results of (inferential) necessity that every man is a substance.
Thus the sensitivity, specificity and predicative values were calculated comparing the three assays evaluated.
Of lesser value, in my view, is the division of -adjectives into attributive and predicative usage.
Swedish particle verbs differ in the predicative status of the particle.
An FCMX controls package includes historical, real time and predicative machine functions, molding data tracking and automatic machine molding compensation.
The absence of the predicative copula in many languages has been pointed out by several students and critics of general semantics.
But she added, 'Development in early childhood is not predicative of what is going to happen later on - early tests don't correlate very well with ability.
NPV (negative predicative value() is the conditional probability, P[nH/ ENH], that something is truly no hazard, given that the evidence identifies it as a nonhazard:
From the Pilbara, the book's path takes us to the Kimberley and Northern Territory: William McGregor writes about non-verbal predicative possession in Nyulnyulan languages, Alan Rumsay about 'try' in Ungarinyin (and the Queensland language Yidiny), while Nicholas Reid's contribution brings the same sort of grin to one's face as the one that he describes in his entertaining story about finding the thirty-first Ngan'gityemerri finite verb.
The role of risk assessment was discussed and the importance of continuing research to refine and improve the predicative accuracy of the instruments in use.