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The system in Figure 9 is consistent because it has both a flexible lexeme class that can be used as the head of a referential phrase and a rigid lexeme class for heads in the predicative domain (see (26b)); also because it has both a flexible class of lexemes that can be used as a modifier within the predicate phrase and a rigid class of lexemes that can be used as the head of that phrase (see (27b)); and because it has distinct classes for heads and modifiers in the predicate phrase as well as distinct classes for heads of predicative versus referential phrases (see (28)).
The following Chinese data show how predicative nominals in general fail to undergo topicalization, as in the b-sentences, and scrambling (or shift), as in the c-sentences:
Aesthetic Judgements: Pebbles, Faces, and Fields of Litter" (paper 13) argues that some judgments of beauty are attributive and some predicative.
Table 2 shows the sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predicative values for male and female specimens and for both the Roche Amplicor and the BDProbTec ET system.
While Burton's photographs capture certain predicative actions (to decorate, to perform, to fuck, to look, to wait, etc.
Fry is much exercised by the notion that phenomena are cultural constructions and holds that language in its predicative moment is culturally conditioned without exception of qualification.
1) This has some virtue in having roughly the same sense as the Theocritean model, and in seeing that the second `Corydon' is most obviously interpreted as predicative, but fails to explain the particular emphasis on the name which the repetition imparts; there is no other evidence in the Eclogues or elsewhere that `Corydon' is synonymous with `supreme singer', and in the only other poem where Corydon's singing appears it is described as incondita, `unpolished' (2.
Because the types of severe behavior problems that have been researched most frequently in the field of developmental disabilities are not especially predicative of PD (Rojahn, Borthwick-Duffy, & Jacobson, 1993) and are present in other elements of the population with MR (Jacobson, 1982a, 1982b, 1988), adequate screening and assessment instruments are required to promote effective clinical practice.
Friedman and Kuttner examine default risk, monetary policy effects, differential tax treatments and changing cash requirements of borrowers for possible indications of the variables predicative power.
CSD also tens us that both substantive and predicative use date only from the nineteenth century.
The point he is making is expressed by saying that 'beautiful' is not a predicative adjective, as most people have thought, but an attributive one.
It is interesting that the model suggested by that chapter construes a category as a chain of predications where the only unmediated predicative relations are those tying immediately adjacent items.