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Paula's face", on the one hand, is clearly a singular term, and it is probably so also according to Salmon's criteria--indeed, it seems absurd to suppose that it could function predicatively, combining with the "is" of predication.
SmartOps' new Enterprise Demand Sensing cloud-based analytics solution will enhance SAP Demand Signal Management, enabling customers to predicatively and accurately manage their supply chain based on real-time demand and changing customer needs," it said.
7) 'A word denoting a property is related predicatively to the subject, rather than that "the predicate in the participle is integrated conceptually with the copula" (Rehdantz' Indices s.
records of past decisions and situations predicatively.
They can be attributively used to endow a noun with a speciality or they can occur predicatively to achieve a qualification.
Lowe's wants to know with a high degree of probability how the workforce will behave and the levers to pull for higher productivity--to predicatively analyze business from a human capital perspective.
To ensure complete code coverage, LDRA's tool suite accounts for the MIPS processor's ability to execute multiple instructions simultaneously and predicatively execute instructions down the pipeline.
These studies demonstrate the possibility of identifying drug interactions and predisease characteristics either as they are happening, retrospectively, or predicatively, providing a useful resource for both researchers and physicians.
Namely, Thompson's (1988) investigation of English conversation shows that predicatively used adjectives by far outnumber those that are used attributively.
While the first one deals with students, trying to develop their cognitive set as to attain certain skills, the second one deals both with students and teachers and favors the selection decisions as to predicatively admit/orientate or as to asset the presence of an assimilated capacity.
Because AT&T's content delivery services are built into its network fabric, security is implemented at every layer, enabling AT&T to predicatively and proactively detect and repel malicious activity.
1 provides the opportunity to predicatively model the energy that would be used by a building with certain structural, thermal and lighting characteristics, providing the actual method for moving away from an LPD model.