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To ensure complete code coverage, LDRA's tool suite accounts for the MIPS processor's ability to execute multiple instructions simultaneously and predicatively execute instructions down the pipeline.
These studies demonstrate the possibility of identifying drug interactions and predisease characteristics either as they are happening, retrospectively, or predicatively, providing a useful resource for both researchers and physicians.
Because AT&T's content delivery services are built into its network fabric, security is implemented at every layer, enabling AT&T to predicatively and proactively detect and repel malicious activity.
1 provides the opportunity to predicatively model the energy that would be used by a building with certain structural, thermal and lighting characteristics, providing the actual method for moving away from an LPD model.
2009) to consolidate causal understanding of saline-sodic subsoil patterns in the soil-landscape, which we transfer to a computer-based expert system to predicatively map saline-sodic patterns in the region.
This application management solution enables GaVI to predicatively and proactively manage application environments and automatically detect performance problems before end-users are affected.
It's a way to open up a dialogue and, when used predicatively, it acts like a weather report, letting you know when to carry an umbrella or when to apply the suntan lotion.
However, Firth (1957) is the most quoted scholar to claim that one knows a word by the company it keeps, implying that if a student knows the other words with which a lexical item can be used, he or she knows that word (and those with which it collocates); and that on the contrary, a student may not be thought of as knowing the language and using it properly if he or she knows the meaning of all entries in a dictionary but has problems in using such seemingly synonymous words as happy and glad in the sense that the first is used both attributively and predicatively, but the second only predicatively, so that whereas the former collocates with a following noun, the latter cannot although both can collocate with a preceding linking verb (Eastwood, 1999).
As an agreement suffix attached to an adjective, -im only occurs predicatively, whereas attributively -i'is used with singular and plural reference alike.
8) But Plato wants to prove the uniqueness rather than assume it, so we shall read the Constitution Principle predicatively.
The insights of historians and phenomenologists of religion were helpful in offering categories, but something was clearly lacking in my understanding, because I was still operating predicatively, conceptually, and judgmentally.
Moments before it is the customer's turn to speak with an agent, the system predicatively places the return call, connects with the customer and transfers him or her to the head of the line as a the properly skilled agent is concluding the preceding call.