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Does not the eye of the human embryo predict the light?
Oh, I have strange powers of prediction; if I do predict anything I am seldom mistaken.
Lady Janet predicts a social triumph; and my wife's despair--not my wife's conviction--accepts the prophecy.
predicts some approaching catastrophes arising out of this scandalous increase of population.
I predict a famous boxing legend will pass this year.
What if we could accurately assess what students know, use the assessment data to predict student performance on standardized tests, deliver the appropriate prescriptive instruction, and report the results as needed?
We also present an empirical model to predict the median escape time of UCNs as a function of the midpoint of the particular energy interval.
APPLICATION: This mathematical model can help engineers predict what the effects will be when a mill upgrades a recovery boiler.
It is further believed that both volunteer identity and volunteer motivation will be correlated with and will predict organ donation intentions and organ donation behavior.
A much more sophisticated prediction process is available, complete with calculations and processes to predict financial loss.
Accurate forecasts of an upcoming El Nino, Falcon says, could enable humanitarian-aid organizations to prepare, the Indonesian government to establish irrigation rules, farmers to choose suitable crops, and world commodity markets to predict food availability.
Assuming SARS dynamics in Beijing would follow a similar pattern, we used the Richards model to predict that the SARS epidemic in Beijing would end by late June 2003.