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Whether you want to predict a single game or the whole match, is up to you.
Another set of regression analyses was conducted to determine which variables best predict an individual's organ donation behavior and his/her present and future organ donation intentions.
Upper airway measurements predict response to uvulopalatopharyngoplasty in obstructive sleep apnea.
It is suggested that applying Yeoh's proposed cubic equation to uniaxial tension data to predict uniaxial compression and planar tension (pure shear) data is a quick and inexpensive method to generate a good base line of material properties.
The message here is: No one can predict future "surprises," and it's the surprises that create the biggest changes.
Next, the scientists write formulas to predict, for example, how increasing carbon dioxide levels will affect these variables, and therefore cloud formation, in the future.
Researchers in the specific area of vocational rehabilitation have also been actively trying to develop models which would accurately predict outcomes.
A much more sophisticated prediction process is available, complete with calculations and processes to predict financial loss.
And in a recent trial, a market specially designed to predict sales of Hewlett-Packard products performed better than the company's internal sales forecasts did.
These models of lactational transfer make it possible to account for time-dependent changes in maternal physiology and transfer kinetics, as well as chemical characteristics, in order to more accurately predict infant exposure.
Consequently, it is difficult to predict and to optimize ion energy distributions.