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This general theoretical framework will now be completed by description of more specific principles underlying any research into the meaning predictability of novel context-free naming units.
Sometimes there is no water ahead of when we predicted,so we are trying our best to achieve predictability and I understand that's very, very important to customers.) Meanwhile, west zone concessionaire Maynilad said it will share additional supply to Manila Water to ease the water shortage in Metro Manila and nearby areas.
Evidence has been presented hinting that the approaching limit of predictability for tropical cyclone track prediction is near or has already been reached.
Analysis of response accuracy data revealed a significant main effect of predictability, F(1, 30) = 5.15, p = .031, [[eta].sup.2.sub.p] = .15, showing higher accuracy for predictable versus unpredictable faces, and a significant main effect of sex, F(1, 30) = 5.48, p = .026, [[eta].sup.2.sub.p] = .15, reflecting higher accuracy for women than for men.
Additionally, the increase can help provide short-term predictability in funding streams to allow the government and its partners in the defense industry to plan, program, execute and evaluate.
[10] who studied the predictability of extreme increments in first-order autoregressive process, wind speed recordings, and long-range correlated autoregressive moving averages.
Transparency and predictability by NATO and Russia could prevent misunderstandings about military displays in Europe and new crises
The predictability of human actions is one of the most pressing questions in the social sciences as a whole (Song, Qu, Blumm & Barabasi, 2010).
INC Research has launched its Catalyst program aimed at strengthening collaborations with clinical research sites worldwide, and enhancing patient focus and optimizing study delivery to drive improved predictability of trials and reduce development timelines.
Ontario, June 18 -- Bombardier Commercial Aircraft announced today that SpiceJet of India, Poland's LOT Polish Airlines and Abu Dhabi-based Falcon Aviation Services have signed agreements to enroll in Bombardier's Smart Parts after-market support program to provide value-added dispatch availability and cost predictability for their growing fleets of Q400 aircraft.
In reality, if you look at prediction and predictability. There is no predictability.