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There is a significant association between credit risk and predictability of short-term profit of banks listed in Tehran Stock Exchange.
Predictability allows for simultaneous inventory review, property selection and new design approval while providing an archival reference for all properties, events and simulations.
A system is defined as chaotic when there is no predictability where it will be next.
Used in conjunction with ensemble forecasting, this knowledge could offer a powerful tool for judging the predictability of the atmosphere.
We look forward to building on his strong sales management and channel partnership background as we bring fuel-price predictability to fleets, employee recruiting and retention programs and automotive promotion programs.
contributes to a growing interest in the mechanisms of meaning predictability by listeners and readers.
The Cutter Consortium Executive Report "An Adaptive Performance Management System" by Agile Practice Director Jim Highsmith introduces a new integrated measurement system that gives your teams the flexibility they need to respond to changing market conditions, while ensuring greater predictability and reliability.
Each rating will consist of a recommendation in combination with a predictability level*.
Unlike one-off clips and one-hit wonders, the serial nature of audio and video podcasts provides advertisers a high level of predictability in determining the appropriate advertising context and audience composition for their brands, which often varies widely.
Low (L) = Low relative stock price volatility reflected by high predictability of financial results and low relative stock price movement.