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But there was a surprisingly long list of "good-girl," "female-bonding" movies in which groups of mismatched friends saw each other through conflict and crisis, good men and bad, to a predictably soft-focus moment of sisterhood triumphant.
The air bag cover must perform predictably over a temperature range of -40 degrees C to 90 degrees C.
This ensures IT organizations are able to better plan for BlackBerry deployments and manage growth predictably.
Gridiron Gang,'' starring the Rock as a probation officer who teaches football to incarcerated juveniles to give them meaning in their lives, is meant to be inspirational but is tedious, while ``The Texas Chainsaw Massacre -- The Beginning'' is predictably gory and stupid.
Predictably, the president came under immediate, fierce attack by his usual critics on the left, who cited the NSA eavesdropping as further proof of the administration's rush toward police-state dictatorship.
But nothing can stay this perfect forever, and the squip starts to lead Jeremy to make some questionable choices, culminating in a humiliating public profession of his love for Christine, who, predictably, is mortified by his behavior.
Lacking the critical foils provided by an institutional setting or the proximity of other artists' divergent aesthetics, Einarsson's work--which here ranged over photography and painting as well as the manipulation of objects--faced a stiff test, and the impression was predictably uneven.
Religious Muslims were predictably disappointed and vowed to fight on, while Jewish groups were angry over Premier Dalton McGuinty's additional comments that not only would Sharia go unrecognized, but Ontario would, as soon as possible, rescind the authority, of any faith-based tribunals in settling family disputes allowed under the 1991 Arbitration Act.
Einstein tried unsuccessfully for the remaining 25 years of his life to show that the world behaves predictably.
Although the film predictably indicts the Mormon belief that homosexuality is an abomination, Latter Days is fair-minded enough to show that all but the biggest homophobes have reachable hearts.
The GAOLS results are, predictably, being seized upon by opponents of private school management.
Predictably, the two meet, fall in love and fireworks begin.